Unspeakable silence

Opera Hotel, Kyiv

Unspeakable silence

A light snow
           fell in the night
icy white cinders
           fluttering down
settling in courtyards
           on the sidewalks
and on every surface
           conferring an air
of innocence
           on the city

Whatever was beautiful
           was touched with magic
whatever was ugly
           was absolved of its crime

As she slept he stood

           at the window 
and watched the flakes fall
           filling the void
with unspeakable

John Lyons


A thought from Kyiv

A thought from Kyiv

The world as we imagine it
the magnificent cause
of being
not simply
seeming to be

Constructs of the heart
a sentimental imagination
all that ties people together
feeling our way through life
in the knowledge
that darkness fades
with the light
that love is the one true

John Lyons

December 27 Kyiv, Ukraine

December 27 Kyiv, Ukraine

I’m in a place
where nobody understands me
where I don’t speak the language
and cannot read the script

The temperature is low

close to freezing
and it might snow later
I’m in a place of history
where many things are new
and many things are old

I’m in a place of learning

and I have so much to learn
I’m in a place

John Lyons