The shape of silence

The shape of silence

The shape of silence
           the space filled
by your absence –
           by words unsaid
by gestures unmade
           – memories
the only oxygen
           keeping me alive

The shape of silence
           in the world at large
– places walked
           bridges crossed
down by the riverside
           in the shadow
of the Tower
           past Traitor’s Gate
as the river rose
           as the river fell
slipping away silently
           to drown at sea

The shape of silence
           in the night
in the chambers
           of my heart
John Lyons



Love lifts the grey day
           from the grey waters
of the grey river
           that flows by the Tower
of cold hard grey flint

Love lifts the day
           with her warmth
and her kiss
           and her kind words
and the tenderness
           of her smile
and the openness
           of her arms

Time is a single measure
           and not of all things
but of things only
           that pass and fade
and grow dimmer
           and decline and ultimately
wither away —
           petals consumed
in the fiery furnace :
           not so love
that lifts the day
           however grey
and fills the minute and the hour
            with bliss enjoyed  
and the promise 
             of more to come

John Lyons