The shape of silence

The shape of silence

The shape of silence
           the space filled
by your absence –
           by words unsaid
by gestures unmade
           – memories
the only oxygen
           keeping me alive

The shape of silence
           in the world at large
– places walked
           bridges crossed
down by the riverside
           in the shadow
of the Tower
           past Traitor’s Gate
as the river rose
           as the river fell
slipping away silently
           to drown at sea

The shape of silence
           in the night
in the chambers
           of my heart
John Lyons

Blood thicker than water

Hieroglyphs, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Blood thicker than water

Blood thicker than
           the waters we crossed
to get to Shoreditch
           or to St Katharine’s Dock
past Traitor’s Gate
           along Kingsland Road
to eat at Vietnam
           duck on a platter
and mango salad
           the stuff of memories
and wondering now
           what it all meant
and why it was
           so soon forgotten
a mystery written
           in our dust

John Lyons