Words for the sake of them

Words for the sake of them

         and the shape of things to come
as seen in the glass
         the slow advance of years
how time sneaks up
         and gets in under the skin
patches of rust around the ankles
         a stiffness in the joints
in need of a little lubrication

No the stars are not numberless
         each and every one
as blades of grass
         or sparrows in the field
accounted for
         and so too the flesh
records it all
         the aches and pains of ageing
the sedimentation
         the laying down of experiences
year on year
         and the subtle changes

Ambition has had its day
         and left no laurels to rest upon
optimism has been sorely tested
         but hope springs eternally
as they say
         and so an accommodation
to the realities is in order
         If only wisdom
were par for the course
         what a wise world
it would be

John Lyons


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