On the mutability of fortunes

On the mutability of fortunes

The swifts and swallows
         have returned for the summer
only to find themselves displaced
         by squadrons of parrots
sleek-feathered interlopers
         from warmer climes
whose speed and agility in the air
         brings them the richest of pickings
in this pleasant land
         this vast plate of plenty
from which they feed incessantly
         and which they celebrate
in never-ending raucous song

What will be left
         for the native small fry
we can only imagine
         but that’s nature’s business
and the fittest will survive
         you can be sure of that
Agility and flexibility
         and above all adaptability
have stood these exotic visitors
         in good stead whereas
the locals find themselves
         estranged and somewhat at a loss
brooding in their own homes

A heavy downpour last night
         has left the lawn sodden
but I notice that the roses
         have all perked up
they simply adore the rain
         their soft white petals
clinging to every last drop

John Lyons


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