Age has aged
         age that once looked forward
through youth to maturity
         now looks back
age once full of hope
         now hopes for resurrection
a rerun
         with a fresh pair of legs
and a new set of wheels
         age believes that lessons
have been learnt
         and that mistakes
will not be repeated
         age trusts that the course
of true love will this time
         run smoother
than ever before
         age can at times
be a little naïve
         it goes with the territory
so age is not too concerned
         age says that all that has been
is time and time is eternal
         age is a chain of memories
a river and a resurrection

in the mirror age stares
         age in the face
inexhaustible tenderness
         etched into the lines
age has an answer
         to everything
         maybe. . .

John Lyons


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