A rainbow cannot be broken
         nor a smile : perhaps
there is another house
         where someone waits for me
with a garden filled with trees
         and a long sloping lawn
and in the centre a bed of roses
         in full bloom and fruit hanging
on some of the trees
         cherry and peach and plum
and tart Bramley apple
         and a sky filled with blue and swallows
and all the scents of summer
         I remember those who once lived there
long since departed
         now nothing more than names
and I remember that day
         we lay on the grass
and I ran my fingers through her hair
         the hair that slipped through my fingers
and how history shows no remorse
         Perhaps there is still
another garden
         where someone waits for me
and a coat for me to wear
         of fine cloth and many colours
that the sunlight will adore
         and perhaps there will be a day
when she says that she loves me
         and it will be true

John Lyons


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