The mind runs on

The mind runs on

Dust down the truth
         see how it has suffered
over the years
         how it has been creased
and scuffed and abused
         on the tongues of vicious
loathsome charlatans

the mind runs on and on
         to birds and bees and butterflies
and to the taste of fresh honey
         that drips from the mouth
and the elixir of love

leave the past where it lies
no good can come from it
         no further good
from the ash of embers
         cold as the coldest stone

her face in the light
         all the perfection I need
one loving moment
         hatched from another
framed in the memory
         there is all there is

two black crows
         on the live rail
of the railway track
         share a crust of bread
broken in their beaks
         life is survival
so too love
         love alone

John Lyons


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