In the dawning hours

In the dawning hours

Allow me to paraphrase
          what Olson writes—
love is so lively
          it cannot easily be contained
it jumps for joy
          it attracts attention to itself
it is consumed with its own
          importance and wants
to make its presence known
          everywhere and at all times
it has a constant constancy
          because this is a single-subject
universe with sole purpose
          the expression of energy

So at night
          I walk under the stars
and they follow me
          a greater wealth
than any diamonds
          and by day they are there
in the lily ponds
          and beneath the large
green pads where carp swim
          their bright scales
reflecting the light
          and in the waters
I see the ripple
          of my reflection
and beauty is vertical
          and horizontal
and its volume equal
          to the love it inspires

There are no unnecessary dreams
          no redundant species
no flower that does not
          warm the heart
Time is the possibility
          to know all this
and to taste love
          Neither the fish
nor the flowers
          are idle :
and notice
          that in our habitat
the sheets upon which we lie
          till daybreak
are crisp and clean
          and our poetry a space
in which to meet
          and make love

John Lyons



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