End of the affair

End of the affair

Love emerges intact
            from the edge of night
the poverty of winter
            behind us now
the disparate particles
            coalescing into what
we once were
            coupled in our nature
I who am still warm
            with love and you
who have grown
            distant and cold

I let you go
            I bid you farewell
make no attempt
            to restrain you
My love is yours to reject
             yours to regret
for the rest
            of your life

I cannot bind you to the memory
            of Tooley Street
nor the dusty roads of Paris
            nor to the easy give and take
of our salad days
            Though the mornings
have grown silent
            I say go
go to be whomsoever you need to be
            go wherever you will

Did you think
            that the moon
would fall at your feet
            or that all the earth’s rivers
would run dry ?
            In my eyes I hold
the courage to observe
            your departure
In my wounded heart
            I await your return

John Lyons


Eggbite – the simple pleasures

Eggbite – the simple pleasures


Bacon and mushroom eggbite

My version of the big chain’s sousvide eggbites. This bacon and mushroom bite has a little cream in the mix and was cooked for an hour in the sousvide. Comes out perfect every time. Ideal for breakfast or if you’re on the run, it offers a little portable pleasure on the palate.

Simple recipe

2 free range eggs
2 cooked slices of bacon, chopped
2 large closed cup mushrooms, chopped
2 tablespoons of double cream
salt and pepper to taste


Whisk 2 eggs with cream then add the chopped ingredients together with salt and pepper.

Pour the mixture into two 50 g jars with screw caps. I used two empty paté jars, properly cleaned.

Finger tighten the lids on the jars. This allows the air inside the jars to escape when placed in hot water, preventing the glass from cracking under pressure.

Place the jars in a sousvide water bath set at 78 °C for 1 hour.

Carefully remove from water and consume immediately or store in fridge once cooled.   

A string of words

Face, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

A string of words

As blood is
            as words circulate
in the poet’s mind
            and fingers touch her lips
the pulse of her handsome blood
            beneath the hollow cheeks
the delicate porcelain smile
            below the naked eyes

She built of nature’s delight
            handsome in her womb
in the warmth of her blood
            morning noon and night
she presents a silent

Her scrupulous kiss
            he takes on the fly
savours the soft bright wet
            tenderness of muscles
in which a wordless song arises
            contained in herself
a promise never meant
            to be broken

John Lyons

Weight watcher

Weight watcher

Age notwithstanding
            he honed his body
to perfection
            so that he bore
not a single
            superfluous gram

But alas too late
            to win the silken heart
that she’d surrendered
            to another in another life

John Lyons

Venice carnival remembered

murano lemon.png
Murano glass, a hand blown lemon

Venice carnival remembered

The play of light
            and shadow
on the canal waters
            place of all ages
place of all beauty
            shops filled
with sumptuous pieces
            of Murano glass

And how the light
            travelled through
the contoured colours
            and how it rose
in your eyes
            as you examined them
and how I loved you then
            and how I love you now

John Lyons

Rough with the smooth

warp and woof
Warp and woof, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Rough with the smooth

Love too is a work
            of the imagination
it constantly seeks
            new forms of expression
in order to remain fresh
            to keep the present alive
and not simply trade
            on the faded past

It can be brash
            and outspoken
and have real attitude
            since by its very nature
it’s gestural
            more in the manner
of a de Kooning
            or a Pollock
than a Titian
            or a Raphael

Yes I want all of you
            the sweep of your strokes
across my body
            your hair falling
into my eyes
            my face drowning
in your tears
            of laughter
your precious hand
            gripping on to mine
as we hurtle
            down the roller coaster
moving from the darkness
            into the light


John Lyons